The Robert Graves Review


Gravesiana - Volume 3 Number 1 / Summer 2007


Editorial statement
Patrick Villa
Guest editorial
Frank Kersnowski
Beryl Graves (1915-2003), the wife of Robert Graves, who inspired and edited his love poetry
Paul O'Prey
A Poem for Beryl: [An Imagined] Reunion
Brian Patten
Paul Hogarth, OBE, RA (1917-2001)
Wiliam Graves
Robert Creeley (1926-2005)
Robert J. Bertholf
He & She & Oneness
Julia Simonne
A Reminisence
Robert Creeley
Charles Wiliams, Robert Graves and ?The White Goddess?
Grevel Lindop
Poetic Mythography: The Genesis, Rationale and Reception of 'The Greek Myths'
Michel Pharand
'The Moon's my constant mistress': Robert Greves and the Elizabethans
Roger Bourke
Riding-Graves: The Meaning of Collaboration
Carla Billitteri
Laura Riding's Role in the Poetry of Robert Graves: A Case of 'Multiple Authorship'?
Dunstan Ward
Graves and Animal Farm
Derek Roper
The Significance of 'The White Goddess' for Musical Thought. Part Two: The Sound of Her Sacred Marriage and Seven-Day Love Song
Geoffrey Alvarez
Once: As It Was, by Griselda Jackson Ohannessian
Beryl Graves
'The Early Poetry of Robert Graves: The Goddess Beckons', by Frank Kersnowski
John Woodrow Presley
Siegfried Sassoon: A Study of the War Poetry, by Patrick Campbell
Steven Trout
'Wilfred Owen: A New Biography', by Dominic Hibberd
Stephen Cloutier
Len Lye: A Biography, by Roger Horrocks
Wiliam Graves
Alms for Oblivion: A Poem in Seven Parts by Bryce Miligan
A review and an enquiry by Frank Kersnowski
From Soldier Poet to Major Poet: Robert Graver Exhibited
Dunstan Ward
Poetic Unreason: A Film-makers-'s Journey
Wiliam Nunez
2004 International Robert Graves Conference in Paris
Dunstan Ward, Patrick Villa
2006 International Robert Graves Conference in Palma and Deyá, Mallorca
Dunstan Ward, Patrick Villa, and Lucia Graves
Essay Prize
Robert Graves