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Focus on Robert Graves and His Contemporaries - Number 13

Index to Volume 1

Volume 1, Number 7:

Mason, Ellsworth. Expanding the Robert Graves Canon.

Schumaker, Richard. Graves, Nietzsche, and the Modernist Tradition.

Powell, Anne. Confessions of an Antiquarian Book Dealer.

Tulloss, Thomas. Et Ego in Arcadia: Death in Resurrection, John Peale Bishop's World War One Fiction.

Volume 1 , Number 8:

Graves, William. The Robert Graves Estate.

Thompson, Michael. "Outdaring with a kiss all-powerful wrath:" Images of War, Images of Death.

MacLachlan, Christopher. Heroes and Hero-worship in Goodbye to All That.

Van Ingen, June. Few Women and Less Dogs—Lawrence's Arabia. Hoffman, Daniel. "Her Obedient Servant."

Volume 1, Number 9:

Graves, Lucia. The Theme of War.

Cox, Shelly. The Robert Graves Collections at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Hayes, Deborah. Granville-Hicks' Nausicaa, Graves, and Reid.

Hoare, Philip. Siegfried Sassoon: Aesthete Manqué.

Emberg, Joan. Australian World War I Poetry: A Process of Maturation.

Volume 1, Number 10 (Blue cover):

Gerwing, H. Graves Manuscripts at U. of Victoria.

Hugo, Betty. Robert Graves: A Personal Memoir.

Thorpe, Michael. The Road to Edingthorpe; Sassoon's Diaries and Letters.

Caner, D.N.G. W. B. Yeats and the Poetry of the First World War.

Morrow, Patrick. Katherine Mansfield, the Great War, and Modernism.

Volume 1, Number 11 (Green cover):

Smeds, John. Graves, Bachofen, and the Matriarchy Debate.

Shull, Martha. Voices from a Forgotten Generation.

Schumaker, Richard. Remarque's Abyss of Time.

Presley, John. Addendum to F.H. Higginson's Bibliography.

Volume 1, Number 12:

Christensen, Peter G. Historical Truth in Laura Riding's A Trojan Ending.

MacKay, Carol. The Relation of Ford Maddox Ford's Parade's End to the Misanthrope Tradition.

Lucky, Crystal. The Harlem Renaissance: A Revisionist Approach.

Hoffman, Daniel. British War Poetry from France: A Review of Roger Asselineau's Poetes anglais de la Grande Guerre.

Volume 1, Number 13:

Quinn, Patrick. Robert Graves's Pier Glass: War Revisited and Love Lost.

Tulloss, Thomas. Graves and the Scottish Ballads.

Christensen, Peter G. Women as a Spiritual Force in Laura Riding's Lives of Wives.

Smith, Herbert O. Prologue to the Great War: Encounters with Apollo and Dionysus in Death in Venice. Shelton, Carole. War Protest, Heroism, and Shellshock; Siegfried Sassoon: A Case Study.

Lucky, Crystal. Robert Graves and His Contemporaries: A Textual Realignment.

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