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Focus on Robert Graves and His Contemporaries - Number 10

Graves Manuscripts at U. of Victoria

H. Gerwing

In his review ("Prol i fic and Protean". Times Literary_supplement. April 15-21, 1988, 434) Of the second edition of the Bibliography,

Martin Seymour—smith denigrates the Robert Graves archive in the

McPherson Library at the University of Victoria, B.C. , Canada, as "largely bizarre and frivolous." This opinion is definitely not held by the people here at the University of Victoria, and, because we bel ieve the Robert Graves holdings are significant to our large col lection Of modern Engl ish Ii Eerature, we continue EO struggle to f ind more material and to spend dwindl ing funds wherever and whenever we are able.

Since our report to Focus, Number 6, September 1982, pp. 102— 104, we have added the following items:

Lot 15 (Catch—all for single letters. ) one short typed letter (July 6, 1972) to RG from Moshe Dyan.

Lot 25 contains the nemel ia Laracuen material (see Eocus, Number I , January 1972. 12—14; Number 3, December 1973, 45—46) and wag the f i rst col lection purchased by us directly from Robert Graves through Bertram Rota Ltd. The purchase of this first lot incl uded an "Assignment of copyright—University of Victoria, Robert Graves and Aemelia Laracuen—Lee," but because of the restrict ions placed on this col lection of approx imately 500 letters (2, 000 pages) by Robert C,raves, Ve have locked the material away after a very general sort ing and count ing- In March 1975, with the assistance of Franklin

Gi iam, Brick Row Books, san Francisco, ve acquired more letters and a few manuscript poems from Mrs. MacKin1ey (Aemelia Laracuen) . June 1977 , we made another small purchase Of similar mater

(letters and poems) from Mr. F. B. Minarovich of Elora. Ontario. We are now in the process of accessioning this lot leaf by leaf .

Lot 26 has been assigned to Laura Riding. In July 1975, 315 sheets of typescript and holograph manuscript were purchased from

Christopher P. Stephens, Booksel ler, Ltd. , New York City. News of the "Diary" of Lot 1 led to a brief correspondence with Laura

(Riding) Jackson between the years 1975—1977 and the acquisit ion of a corrected typescript of the The Tell inq with a nine page addendum.

Lot 27 contains 78 "hand—written signed personal letters by my r riond of long stand ing the late poet Robert Graves" to John Auerbach (see Lot 13). These letters are dated from 1956 to 1986.

The final statement for this report is to correct the description of Lot 20. An Ancient castle is no longer "unpublished." William David Thomas and the publisher Peter Owen persuaded Robert Graves to have the "manuscript" brought out as a book vith illustrations by El izabeth Graves.

McPherson Library

University of Victoria British Columbia


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